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5 Great Benefits Of Having LED Lights Installed In Your Home

Homeowners are always searching for ways to reduce their household expenses and LED lighting might just be one of the best ways to save costs and have a more energy-efficient home.

If you’re still wondering if you should make the switch, here are 5 benefits of having LED Lights installed in your home:

  1. LED Lights Last Longer. It’s a known fact that these lights have a way much longer lifespan than any other lighting options. With a life expectancy of about 100,000 hours, LED lights will last for around 20 years, even when left on for a full eight hours per day!
  2. Energy-Efficient. Compared to conventional light bulbs, LED lights have an estimated efficiency rating of between 80% and 90%. This means that when switched on, 80% of a LED bulb is light, with just 20% being transformed into other forms of energy, such as heat. A normal incandescent light, on the other hand, is only 20% efficient, with the other 80% of electricity being used for heat. In other words, if your electricity comes to $100 per month using normal lighting, only $20 of that cost is used to light a room, with the other $80 being spent on heating the bulbs (and the area around it)! These figures are just the opposite with LED lights and it is this energy efficiency that provides you with a reduced electricity bill every month.
  3. Environmentally-Friendly. LEDs are free from harmful, toxic chemicals such as mercury, they are also 100% recyclable, as well as significantly less costly to manufacture, making them the preferred choice for those who enjoy doing their part in looking out for the environment.
  4. Durable. Manufactured with tough components make these lights incredibly durable and long-lasting. They are resistant to shock, vibrations, as well as other impacts. Since they can be used in any kind of weather conditions, they are excellent for use both inside and outside your home.
  5. Compact in Size. LED lighting is available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and can be as small as 2mm, making them the perfect option for lights situated in those hard-to-reach places in the home. LED lights also offer an uncomplicated solution to achieving lighting in any architectural features around the home.

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