Denver Electricians – Family Owned and Operated Since 1969!

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about us! The Metzler family formed The Electri-Serve Corporation in 1969 to provide quality commercial and residential electrical services to Denver area homeowners and Denver businesses.

Attention to customer expectations and expert work brought early success, and a second Metzler generation continues these principles today.

Electri-Serve is not only a family owned and operated business, but also a family of competent, happy employees, and satisfied customers who look to Electri-Serve whenever they require electrical service.

BBB Accredited Denver Electricians!

We are proud to have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

What makes an Electri-Serve electrician?

To start, our Denver electricians are stellar individuals with a natural tendency to help. Creative problem-solvers who finish instead of quit.

All of our electricians have their Colorado electrician’s license!

We know how important being licensed is  – it’s a must-have at Electri-Serve!

Most of our electricians carry a Journeyman’s license.

Applicants for a Colorado journeyman electrician’s license are required to verify eight thousand hours earned in no less than four years of electrical construction wiring experience, for lights, heat, and power; with a minimum of four thousand hours earned in no less than two years of that time being commercial and/or industrial work.

That’s just to take the exam, and it’s a tough one. After obtaining a license, Colorado requires continuing education to make sure licensed electricians stay on top of current codes, as the code changes every three years. Journeyman electricians must renew their licenses every three years.

Some of our Electricians carry a Master’s License:

Applicants for a Colorado master electrician’s license are required to verify at least two thousand hours earned in no less than one year of planning, laying-out, and supervising the installation of wiring, apparatus, and equipment for electrical light, heat, and power in addition to the experience requirements for the journeyman’s license.

Master electricians must also complete continuing education courses in order to renew their licenses every three years. Why don’t all of our electricians carry a Master electrician’s license? The only person who is required to hold a master electrician’s license at any shop is the person who also holds the Electrical Contractor’s license for the company.

Every day, on every job, our electricians have to utilize the same skills, whether they hold a journeyman or a master license.

Each job requires that the electrician plan and layout how that job will be accomplished. Whether it’s upgrading a service, wiring a remodel or bringing lighting into the 21st century, the electrician has to assess how the job will be accomplished.

He or she has to know what the code is for that installation then plan and layout how the work will be done safely and efficiently.

NOW FOR THE TRICKY PART: most of the wiring we install or troubleshoot is behind finished walls and ceilings.

How do they do it? Electri-Serve electricians don’t have x-ray vision. Are our Denver electricians magicians? Maybe.

Without exception, our electricians are very experienced in wiring methods. They don’t just know current methods, but also the way things were done 10, 20, 50, and 100 years ago. Yes, wiring that was installed in homes built at the beginning of the 20th century makes up a lot of our work.

Knowledge and experience are critical for effective troubleshooting.

Something we know at our shop is that it isn’t so much the age of the house, it’s how many people have lived there.

When we go into a 100-year-old home, pretty unlikely the original owner still lives there. Chances are that maybe a dozen families have occupied that structure, and each had to make it their own. Did they hire licensed contractors for each of those remodels or updates? From what we’ve seen, definitely not!

The same thing holds for newer structures. What you can see might look great, but problems are often with what you can’t see, and that’s where special skills come in to play. It’s a 6th sense our crew has developed over years of practicing their craft in hundreds of homes and businesses.

Are we proud that they are Electri-Serve electricians? You bet we are!

So when you need an electrician, look no further than the team at Electri-Serve for the experience and knowledge needed to fix your electrical problems and keep your family safe.

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