Smoke and CO Detectors

Of all the safety improvements you might make to your home, smoke and co detectors are rated right up there at the top. If you decide to sell your house, you’ll most likely be required to add these safety devices to your home as part of the sale so why not make that investment now and take advantage of the protection these devices offer for yourself and your family.

We’ve all heard the horror stories on the news about people who did not have these inexpensive additions in their homes when fire struck or carbon monoxide leaks occurred without warning. The National Fire Protection Association recommends smoke detectors on each level of your home, inside all sleeping areas, and within 15’ of the doorway into any sleeping area.

They also recommend a carbon monoxide detector within 15’ of any sleeping area. On new homes, these are required to be connected to each other so that they will all sound if any one of them detects a problem.

While the “battery only” detectors offer some protection at less cost than the hard-wired type, the problem we find is that when their battery is exhausted and it begins to “chirp”, most of us unplug the battery in hopes of remembering to replace it after our next trip to the store and it just never happens so we are again without protection.

In fact, that situation can be even worse because you might think you are protected when you look up and see your detectors which are no longer active.

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