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Precautions to prevent trips and falls in the home.

How to prevent trips and falls in the home from our Denver residential electricians.

While reading an email about the most common and most expensive workplace accidents, we realized that a couple of the same hazards exist in the home and that Electri-Serve can help you prevent them.

The first is poor or no lighting over stairways.

Often, light fixtures over stairs are not accessible because, well, they’re over stairs and too high to reach without a ladder, so when the bulb burns out, the stairway stays dark. Who has a ladder that can be safely set up on stairs? We do!

You might consider an LED replacement for that old incandescent bulb. It will save money to operate the fixture and you’ll have a better quality of light, making that tricky area of your home safer. Check out our LED Lighting page for more information.

Lighting steps and stairs outside – up to your front door or down from the back deck to the yard – are some other areas where lighting will improve safety while enhancing the aesthetics of your home.

Landscape lighting along the front walk, a bright new front porch fixture, and light fixtures installed in the steps are just a few of the options our customers have had Electri-Serve install for them.

Another accident we can help prevent is the trip hazard created by cords and cables running across the floor, lawn, or patio.

Sometimes, particularly in older homes, there just aren’t enough wall outlets. The simple solution is an extension cord. Truthfully, extension cords are fine for temporary use, but not for permanent use.

If you need to plug something in on a permanent basis, and there isn’t an outlet where you need it, call our office to schedule a free estimate to have outlets installed where you need them.

One quick note about extension cords outside; be sure they are plugged into a GFCI receptacle. The danger posed by an extension cord outside is magnified if that cord, and whatever it powers, doesn’t have appropriate GFCI protection.

Bottom line, the cost of an electrical service call is nominal in comparison to a visit to the emergency room.

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