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Make sure your electrical panel is up to code, and delivers the power you need.

Since 1969, Electri-Serve has probably replaced or upgraded more electrical panels in Denver and the surrounding areas than any other electrical service company!

The importance of electrical panel safety.

Here’s what a burned up electrical panel looks like:

Burned up electrical panel. 6 Signs your electrical panel should be replaced or upgraded

Your electrical panel is the foundation of your home’s entire electrical system.

Every home has an electrical service panel that distributes electricity to switches, outlets, and appliances. Since your electrical panel handles all the electricity in your home, it is vital that it work properly and safely.

Our licensed electricians will start with a complete electrical panel inspection to determine the next step in keeping your family safe.

If needed, they will install a new electrical panel better equipped to handle the amount of electricity you use in your home and prevent the chance of an electrical fire.

6 Signs your electrical panel should be replaced or upgraded:

  1. The breakers trip repeatedly and there is no space for additional circuit breakers in your panel.
  2. Your home has a fuse box.
  3. You are installing new appliances and there is no space for additional circuit breakers in your panel.
  4. You are finishing your basement or putting on an addition.
  5. You hear sounds or smell burning or smoke odor coming from the breaker box.
  6. Your home is more than 20 years old.

Benefits of upgrading your electrical panel.

Replacing or upgrading your home’s electrical panel provides you peace of mind and keeps your family safe!

Replacing or upgrading your Denver home’s electrical panel provides you peace of mind and keeps your family safe!

Replacing an old or outdated electrical panel is a vital step in ensuring that your home’s power supply is current and operational. Your electrical panel can not only increase your home wiring system’s safety, but also give you more power outlets and a higher amperage rating for all your appliances.

  • Easily power additional appliances and amenities.
  • Increased safety of a new panel could potentially lower insurance premiums.
  • Saving you money in the long run by reducing energy consumption.
  • Increasing the electrical capacity of your home.
  • Potential increase in home resale value.

Want to know more about how your home’s electrical system works?

Read this article from the Electrical Safety Foundation:

When Was the Last Time Your Service Panel Was Inspected?

How old is the electrical service panel in your Denver area home? Do you know when it was last inspected? Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that, just because the lights come on when they flip a switch, everything with their electrical system is fine.

However, if you have an old electrical service panel, you could have a safety hazard in your home. If you need an electrical service panel upgrade, the professional electricians at Electri-Serve can help.

Do you have circuits that constantly trip their panel breakers?

Many of today’s homes have appliances that were not around when the house was built. These items require more electrical panel capacity to avoid overloading a circuit. Some items that can cause an overload are portable space heaters and air conditioners…even hair dryers!

Use this calculator to help estimate if you are overloading a circuit. If you’re having circuit and panel capacity issues, we offer FREE in-home estimates by licensed electricians so you can be sure your home will remain safe.

Important note: NEVER increase the size of a panel breaker on a circuit that keeps tripping. A larger-capacity breaker requires larger wiring in order to provide protection from electrical fires.

Are FPE and Zinsco Brand Electrical Panels Safe?

NO! FPE and Zinsco electrical panels are not safe and should be replaced, plain and simple!

These panels are no longer made by the original manufacturers because those companies have long since gone out of business.

Although there are repairs and expensive “after-market” breakers for both of these brands of panels, there are other design problems with them so the best remedy is to replace them entirely.

FPE Electrical Panel Problems.

FPE lost their UL listing when it was discovered their breakers would not necessarily trip when required. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to know for sure if your FPE breakers will work correctly. There is a risk of fire with these breakers.

Zinsco Electrical Panel Problems.

Zinsco or Zinsco-Sylvania are brands of panels that were common in North America up to the mid-1970’s. Production was halted on these panels when design flaws were discovered. However, previously purchased panels were still being installed for a time after that. They are considered a fire and electrical shock risk.

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