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LED lighting installation for your Denver area home.

LED lighting is a great improvement to your home – with big savings to your electrical bill. Our licensed Denver electricians safely install LED lighting to upgrade each room in your home.

LED lighting is smarter lighting.

LED have a longer lifespan, lasting up to 25 times longer than traditional lighting. This means fewer replacements, less waste, and more cost savings.

LED lights are up to 80% more efficient.

LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting such as fluorescent and incandescent lights. 95% of the energy in LEDs is converted into light and only 5% is wasted as heat. Less energy use reduces the demand from power plants and decreases greenhouse gas emissions.

Switching to LED lighting, or Light Emitting Diodes is not as simple as changing a light bulb though. Have you gone to your local hardware or big box store to get the same LEDs as you bought six months ago? You probably found out they no longer carry them. That’s how rapidly the technology continues to change and improve.

LED lights save Denver area homeowners significant money.

With the average homeowner stretched to pay their mortgage, and all the other expenses that go into owning a home, the appeal of LED lighting is in the savings. Market Watch News reported that historically electrical and lighting represents 40-60 percent of residential energy consumption.

Conversion to energy-efficient lighting gives a homeowner increased control over routine monthly spending. Owners who implement LED lighting may qualify for federal and municipal tax energy credits.

Use LED lighting in your Denver area home for:

  • Exterior & landscape lighting
  • Under-cabinet lighting
  • Ceiling-mounted fixtures
  • Can lighting
  • Wall-mounted fixtures
  • Pendant lighting and more

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Some things to consider when purchasing LED light bulbs:

  1. If your existing lighting is controlled by dimmers, be sure to use dimmable LEDs.

  2. You might have to replace your existing dimmers with LED compatible dimmers. (Tip: some dimmable LEDs don’t work well even with dimmers rated for use with LEDs.)

  3. Forget about watts used. Look at the lumen output. Lumens indicate how bright the light will be.

  4. Color, or color temperature, indicates whether the light is “cool” (more blue) or “warm” (more yellow). Lower Kelvin (K) temperatures cast a warmer light, higher K temperatures are more cool. Many of our customers find 2700K to 3500K the most comfortable range.

  5. The other number to look for on LEDs is the CRI or Color Rendering Index. This number indicates the quality of the light. On the CRI scale of 0 to 100, incandescent and halogen lamps are generally considered to have a CRI close to 100. Look for LEDs with a CRI close to 100.

  6. Not all LEDs are designed to be installed in enclosed fixtures. Check the packaging to make sure the LEDs you plan to use in an enclosed fixture are intended for that use.

  7. If you decide to upgrade your light fixtures, not just the bulbs, consider consulting an experienced lighting designer or lighting showroom. There is much more to consider than color, temperature and dimmability when investing in a complete overhaul of your lighting.

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