Whole House Surge Protector

A whole house surge protector for your Denver area home is an important investment to protect your house and your family. How often is a house directly hit by lightning? Not very often, but strikes in the proximity of a home can cause surges in the electrical, telephone or cable television lines that can cause severe damage to electronics.

A nearby lightning strike isn’t the only risk. Downed power lines and even the cycling on and off of air conditioners and appliances in your home can cause damaging surges.

It is not just your expensive home theater equipment and computers that can be damaged. Modern stoves, refrigerators, washers and dryers, microwave ovens, telephones, and other appliances have microprocessors that are subject to damage from surges.

You probably have power strips/surge protectors in your home for some of your electronics. While these can provide a degree of protection, many are little better than just connecting the plug directly into the wall outlet.

Are all of your electronics protected?

And there are probably quite a few pieces of electronics in your home that are not protected at all. Take a few minutes to walk through your home and do a quick inventory of everything that has a microprocessor in it. You’ll probably be surprised by how quickly the number adds up.

Electri-Serve can install a whole house surge protector at your existing circuit breaker panel that will guard against the damaging effects of power surges that occur outside of your home. Add up the money you’ve spent on computers, TVs, audio equipment, DVD players, and any other sensitive electronic equipment and it’s easy to see how important this protection can be.

A whole house surge protector is an important device to protect your home and family!

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