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How To Keep Cool Without Central Air Conditioning

Suggestions to keep cool without air conditioning from our Denver residential electricians.

As it starts to warm up outside, we all start thinking about ways to stay cool. Central air conditioning isn’t always an option in some of Denver’s great older neighborhoods.

Often folks will consider a window air conditioner, just to try and cool a bedroom. Here are two things to keep in mind before making that purchase:

  1. A window air conditioner can easily overload a circuit. The warmer it gets outside, the harder the unit works to keep the room cool, the more power it draws, the more likely it is to overload the circuit and trip the breaker. In addition to creating a potential overload condition, running a window air conditioner could cost 50 times more than running a ceiling fan. Xcel Energy’s 60 Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Energy Bill says an energy efficient ceiling fan can be operated for 8 hours a day for as little as 30 cents per month!
  2. Ceiling fans put very little load on an existing circuit, which lessens the danger of an overload. Often ceiling fans can be installed in place of an existing light fixture, as long as the ceiling box can properly support the weight and vibration of a fan. Feel free to contact us through our website, or call us if you’d like to schedule an installation.

Trying to find a way to spend less money to keep your house comfortable this summer?

Here are 5 ideas to keep your home cooler from Xcel Energy:

  1. Use Ceiling Fans to Cool Your House: The most efficient ceiling fans cost as little as 30-cents a month if used eight hours a day. A window air conditioner can cost 50 times as much as a fan. Ceiling fans will keep the air moving and allow you to keep the thermostat setting higher because moving air feels cooler. More on this subject below!
  2. Plant Trees for Shade: Deciduous trees – those that produce leaves in the spring and lose them in the fall – shade your house from the sun during summer and let the sun warm your house in winter. Shading your home could save up to eight percent on cooling costs.
  3. Consider A Whole House or Attic Fan: Through your open windows, a whole house or attic fan draws cool nighttime air in and forces out hot air that built up during the day. These fans work best in drier climates.
  4. Raise Your Thermostat Setting: You can save approximately $100 in a summer by raising your thermostat’s temperature from 72 to 78 degrees.
  5. Open Windows: On cool nights open your windows for cross ventilation. Don’t open windows when the outside temperature is warmer than the inside of your house.

Our Denver electricians install ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans work primarily through something called the wind chill effect. The moving air across your skin helps to evaporate sweat at a faster rate. This can help to lower your body temperature a little. Ceiling fans can also help to make a room seem cooler by redistributing air.

According to Energy.Gov, if you use air conditioning to cool your home, a ceiling fan will allow you to raise the thermostat setting about 4°F with no reduction in comfort. In temperate climates, or during moderately hot weather, ceiling fans may allow you to avoid using your air conditioner altogether. Install a fan in each room that needs to be cooled during hot weather.

When you have Electri-Serve install a ceiling fan, or multiple ceiling fans, you will notice an immediate difference in the “feels like” temperature in the area where a fan is installed – including your outdoor patio!

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