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Pets and Electricians

Pets and electricians are not a good combination.

Dogs and cats are part of our family, too. They bring us joy, companionship, comfort, entertainment, and so much more. In return, we provide our pets with food, water, shelter, security, and, hopefully, a long and healthy life.

There’s practically no end to an electrician’s alarming behavior.

We love our pets and we love to have them with us, but there are times when it is neither practical nor safe for our pets to be with us, or for them to roam freely about the house. Having workers in your home is one of those times to consider the safety of pets and electricians.

When the electrician arrives at your home ready to work, how strange and scary that must appear to your dog. Ladders, tool belts, power and hand tools, coils of wire, and other tools of the electrical trade can be frightening for your pet.

Aside from appearance, electricians can be noisy and unpredictable, too. They disappear into the ceiling only to reappear without warning. From a dog’s eye view, there’s practically no end to an electrician’s alarming behavior.

Even nice and well-trained dogs can behave unpredictably when anxious or frightened. For a curious cat, an open attic or opening in the drywall could be an irresistible opportunity to explore new territory. Aside from avoiding the danger of having pets underfoot while working, the electrician may need to complete some work outside or obtain materials and tools from the van. This gives your pet ample opportunity to slip out the door for an unscheduled, unsupervised, and potentially dangerous romp in the neighborhood.

Dogbites and lost cats. You don’t want that, and neither do we.

So, when you call Electri-Serve to schedule an electrician to work at your home, we’ll ask you to keep your house pets away from where the electrician will be working. Not only will this ensure your pets are safe, but it provides a safe and efficient worksite for the electrician, too.

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